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Does it matter? -- losing your sight?... Sassoon

Ed. Note: Here's an e-mail reaction to last week's post.

Kudos for skewering Dolan and Cekada. A home run.  They can't wriggle out after that. (How do you spell hypocrisy? Simple: S-G-G.) I hate to say it but you are wasting your time. No matter how hard you try you will never change the minds of their blind acolytes. Normal Catholics cannot stomach S.G.G. after a couple of years, but the Gertrudians are abnormal. They relish the circus of reinvention and double standards. It pleases them to think their leaders are "special." The few good people who were there left in disgust. The dregs of humanity remain with their "depraved indifference" to all the unacceptable behavior. It makes me want to tear my hair out when I think about how these "Catholics" refuse to see the truth!

We operate under no illusions about our fellow man. We live in post-moral America where core values have disappeared. This is the land where Bill Clinton continues to exercise a major influence in spite of all his tawdry prevarication, and that harridan of wife can run for president in spite of Travelgate and all the other messy scandals that trace her trajectory over American life. A decent society would have driven these two rogues into hiding for the rest of their lives once they left the White House. Better still, a decent society would have cast them into the outer darkness after the first term.

The hard fact is, we live in neither a "shame culture" nor a "guilt culture." Our meritless leaders no longer find it necessary to purchase men's good esteem with proven virtue, nor do they yearn after the enjoyment of a quiet conscience. In truth, they have no respect for public opinion. What's more, they take comfort in knowing that a jaded, amoral, celebrity-obsessed populace won't punish their transgressions. How, then, can Trad World be all that different from the larger society in which it exists? That would be asking too much of folks with limited education, perverse judgment, and an underdeveloped conscience.

Insofar as we've received similar e-mails from other fans, this may be the time to explain why we continue to blog about the sharp-elbowed Terrible Trio who still manage to hang on by their nails after so many unsavory revelations. Our primary aim, everyone should realize, is not to change anybody's mind. Mind-changing is secondary, and our expectations for it are modest.  Our principal objective is to get on the record the truth about the cult masters, to offer a different narrative to challenge their one-sided, highly colored account of themselves. Simply put, our aim is to make available an alternative view, supported by unvarnished, unassailable facts and robust analysis. What the consumer does with all our documentation depends on his/her own moral formation and innate sense of decency.

That said, to profess we have little interest in changing minds would betray a lack of candor. There is a very tiny cultie cohort whom (we think) we might be reaching. To identify this exceedingly small population, we first must give you an ethnogeographical tour of the foreboding region in Trad World that we call Tradistan, where the cult masters reign in terror:
All Tradistan is divided into three parts. The Sede Troglodytes, the majority, inhabit the first and largest part. Squatting in filthy caves and putrid holes, terrified of the light and the fresh air of truth, they are a cowardly, foul, and entirely blind species, feeding off their viper masters and screeching like bats when good people oppose the cult. The second part, half as large as the territory of the Sede Trogs, is occupied by the Moral Pygmies, uncouth cave dwellers like the Trogs. Capable of some barely articulate speech, they are blind in one eye, with thimble-sized crania but large oral cavities for echoing their masters' propaganda; neurologists have discovered in their pea brains the absence of the right temporo-parietal junction, the portion of  the normal human brain where the moral compass is found. The Traddie Scatophagi occupy the third and smallest part of Tradistan. Their numbers are very few but not zero. They are not blind, merely myopic. In their search for the true faith, they stumbled into Tradistan, got lost, and came under the deadly spell of the cult masters.  Enslaved, they were told to believe they must consume cultic waste by the gallon-load as the price of sanctification.  They dwell uneasily on Tradistan's fringes, haunted by the gnawing suspicion that something is very wrong with its clergy. Of all these three races, the least depraved are the Scatophagi, for they have not quite yet surrendered their souls along with their wallets.
The first population hardly seems humanoid, let alone human. Examples of the species are found in many of the commenters raging against our posts.  The second is best illustrated by a scapegrace of our acquaintance. He and his brow-beaten woman conspicuously left the cult in late 2009 after witnessing an alarming instance of Dannie's bad form. This ethical dwarf vowed never to return again. (As token of his constancy, he advertized to one of the Readers his self-proclaimed rectitude.) Later, he returned to the cult masters because "they do a good job" of putting on a show. The Moral Pygmies are as lost as the Sede Trogs, and more culpable, for at least they have one good eye they could use. No one can redeem either one of these degenerate groups.

Hope is not lost for the third race, because its members' consciences, albeit weak, have already been pricked. We believe our laser-surgery posts can help the Scatophagi see the horror of the mortally dangerous SW Ohio cult (and get them on a better diet as well). Although we do not blog with them uppermost in our minds, we are sure that some, as they read our exposés, have grown in doubt. Eventually the burden of accumulated misgivings may be enough to move one or two of them to affirm: IT'S OKAY TO WALK AWAYBut we won't be put out if they don't. You see, we face the same dilemma with them as traditional Catholics do with good friends and dear relatives who still cling remora-like to the Novus Ordo.

All of you know it's impossible to fathom how outwardly decent, God-fearing people, who sense something's amiss, will not walk away from the Novus Ordo's destruction of the liturgy, teaching of outright heresy, hatred of tradition, Modernist leadership, and brutalization of sacred architecture. If you were to grab them by their lapels and cry aloud, "Open your eyes, you fools! You know this is a all wrong! You've said it yourselves! Get out now!" they still would remain in their hideous temples with their malformed, debased Father Bobs and Father Bills. If you allow the criminal complacency of the blind get to you, as it seems to be sorely distressing our frazzled correspondent, you're just a Xanax away from a fatal attack of the screaming meemies.

Well, that's no way to run a resistance, and besides it's bad for your mental health. Pistrina's content with putting the truth out in plain sight:
Tony Baloney is neither a scholar nor a theologian; ignore everything this blundering non-entity says;
Li'l Dan's priestly and episcopal orders are by no means certainly valid, and he must seek re-ordination; stay away from the uncertain sacraments he offers until he gets fixed;
the rector is an inconsequential, whiny gas-bag, wrong at every turn, and the swampland pesthouse with its loser completers like the Skipper, Scut the Prefect, the Frenchman, Lurch, Squirmin' Herman, and the Toady should not be called a Roman Catholic seminary; don't waste one red cent of your hard-earned money on mammonite "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."
Our Bottom Line: If some culties receive the grace to see the light, then they have a chance. If not, they're in deep doo-doo. Either way, we've done our sacred duty, and we'll continue doing it to make sure the truth about the cult masters is out there for any soul who will open his eyes and see.

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Why do you also transgress the commandment of God for your tradition?  The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Ed. Note: Here's an email we received from one of the reading-challenged cultlings in response to our posts of January 19 and 26:
You are the HYPOCRITES. You slam Father McKenna for studying first with one priest and then with Father Cekada and not at Most Holy Trinity Seminary but last year you pushed a 2 year crash program for new priests in your stupid lay governance program. Your hate blog has done nothing but trash Most Holy Trinity Seminary, so how dare you say that future priests should study there!! You Readers talk out of both sides of your mouths.
Such unprovoked venom! Tsk, tsk. In the name of charity, let's set the record and this poor soul straight:

We are not opposed to the private tutorial method as an emergency means of training priests throughout the on-going ecclesial crisis. We stated so in the footnote of the January 26 post ("Unprincipled Interest"). Actually, the Readers affirm the tutorial method can be superior to the empty formation on offer at the jokingly styled seminaries (LOL) of Trad World U.S.A., provided the tutors have been suitably educated in real, accredited academic institutions. Moreover, we have never suggested that any young man study for the priesthood at Most Holy Trinity Seminary. In fact, our unwavering policy has been to discourage decent aspirants to the priesthood from entering the pesthouse.

Our objective, which we thought had been made clear, was to publish the cult-masters' flagrant hypocrisy. You see, the McNewbie was "trained" 
outside a formal seminary, in part by Tony Baloney himself, the author of the article "Untrained and Un-Tridentine: Holy Orders and the Canonically Unfit."  Wee Dannie, the McNewbie's ordaining bishop (?), celebrated that drivel as a "landmark study" in his reprehensible nasty-gram to a lay association abroad ("The Poison Pen"). You'll recall we reported Dannie's fuming that a young priest "never completed a seminary program." We'll add here that he spitefully observed, "Had he [the young priest] settled down to seminary life, he would be a valid priest today, rather than the dubious character he has become."

The Blunderer's article, at its core a rent-seeking screed for MHT and a shamelessly self-promotional (and undeserved) valentine to himself, makes a very big deal over what he calls the "Tridentine system," which he squarely associates with seminary attendance. Witness this passage:
The seminary system established by the Council of Trent and prescribed by canon law provides candidates for ordination with a proper spiritual formation (through the seminary rule, daily schedule, regular spiritual direction, observation and correction, and faculty evaluation) and the required ecclesiastical education (knowledge and understanding of Latin, two years philosophy, four years theology). The Tridentine system insures that ordinands are “properly judged” (rite probati) over a long period of time on both their conduct and their knowledge, and that they are therefore indeed canonically fit for ordination.
And this one:

The decrees of the Council of Trent prescribed that “those who are to be ordained must live in a seminary, and there be formed in ecclesiastical discipline, and receive Holy Orders after having been properly judged.”
And again:

Canon 972.1 states the general rule: “All candidates for sacred orders … are obliged to live a (sic) seminary at least throughout the entire course of their theological studies.”

And again and again:
 The seminary program insures that ordinands are “properly judged” (rite probati) on basis (sic) of their conduct and their knowledge, and therefore canonically fit for ordination.
Pius XI warns: “Anyone who undertakes the sacred ministry without training or competence should tremble for his own fate, for the Lord will not suffer his ignorance to go unpunished… If ever there was an obligation on priests to be men of learning, it is even more pressing at the present time. (Blunderer's emphasis. He actually cites the first part of this quotation twice in the article.)
and AGAIN:

...the law prescribes that your (sic) must live in the seminary: “The obligation affecting the course of theology requires not merely study in a seminary, but actual residence, and the obligation is a grave one.” (Blunderer's emphasis.)
 In his summary, the Cheeseball hoped that "this discussion will help the lay reader better understand and appreciate the traditional seminary formation received by Catholic priests."

O.K., O.K., O.K., already! We got the message: If you want to be a Tridentine priest, then you've got to do your training in a seminary.

 But if that's still true today, then why didn't the Bonehead defend the "Tridentine system" when Li'l Dan maneuvered to bring in the McNewbie to study privately at the Ohio cult center after the man had been studying privately with another priest out West? Why didn't the Cheeseball bring Dannie up to speed about the necessity of a "proper academic formation" in a seminary where "seminary superiors will observe, form and judge the seminarian’s character and behavior — something very difficult to do if he does not live in community with them"? Why, we ask, didn't the Blunderer insist upon the McNewbie's attending Most Holy Trinity Seminary, at least for two years, maybe even for three or four, if the obligation is really so grave? Why would the Blunderer allow fast-tracking that, based on the content of his article, would seem to be injurious to  "[t]he dignity of Christ’s priesthood and the general good of the Church"?

If Checkie had read his article aloud and slowly to Dannie, he surely could have warned Deacon Dan "that an unschooled, unformed priest is a time-bomb waiting to go off. When the explosion comes, scandal follows and souls are driven away from the traditional Mass." Maybe "One Hand" just might have gotten the message, especially where the Blunderer quotes canon law: 'The theological course of studies must be taken, not privately, but in schools instituted for this purpose according to the prescribed course of studies laid down in canon 1365.'” * Maybe "One-Hand Dan" would have seen the error of his ways if only the Checkmeister had warned him that "the Church’s norms are exacting, and those who do not meet them are unfit to receive, exercise or confer the sacrament of Holy Orders. The ministrations of such clergy, therefore, should be avoided by traditional Catholics everywhere." Checkie failed his bishop (?) for sure.
By now, we hope our overly exercised correspondent has learned what Pistrina advocates and who the real hypocrites are.  Certainly at this juncture he knows who "speaks with forked tongue" in this matter. Over the twisted arc of their failed apostolate, the self-righteous cult masters  have demanded rigid adherence to the law, yet here we see they refuse to observe the strict obligations they endeavor to impose on all others. Undoubtedly they think they don't need to concern themselves with external formalities: the intolerable rigor of the law is intended for suckers, certainly not for the "special" Poobahs and Panjandrums of Tradistan along with their undereducated sycophants, who can't be faithful to the tradition they publicly embrace.

No, the high-and-mighty cult masters  mustn't be bothered about such a trifle as faithfully adhering to one's announced principles.  That's why "One Hand" didn't think twice about conveniently ignoring the Blunderer's "landmark study," and that's why the Blunderer didn't feel bound to defend his own opinions either, or to throw a bone to the rector, whom the McNewbie's ordination has effectively turned into the Rodney Dangerfield of Trad World

No matter how much whitewash these whited sepulchers slather on, they always manage to leave the pentimento of Pharisaism, don't they? 

* * * * * * * * * 
Admittedly, reading anything the Blunderer writes makes an educated Catholic cringe. Luckily, his editorial sloppiness and aggressive ignorance of Latin provide a comic relief from all the dire hypocrisy and cant. The article "Untrained and Un-Tridentine," like his irreparably shoddy, error-crammed Work of Human Hands, gives us a chance to laugh ourselves silly at this ridiculous driveler playing the scholar. (Psst! Anthony boy! Nobody's fooled.) For our fans' enjoyment, in addition to the blunders quietly noted in three passages above, here is another pair of howlers (color emphases ours):

1. The Cheeseball quotes Pius XI but cannot get the correct English form of the verb for a line of Scripture:
Anyone who undertakes the sacred ministry without training or competence should tremble for his own fate, for the Lord will not suffer his ignorance to go unpunished; it is the Lord who has uttered the dire warning: "Because thou has rejected knowledge, I will reject thee, that thou shalt not do the office of priesthood to me".
Every schoolboy knows it should be "hast."

2. Like everything else we've exposed since 2010, the Bonehead's article spotlights his irremediable problems with the Latin language. In footnote 16, Tony Baloney prints Nemo sive saecularis sive religiosus ad primam tonsuram promoveatur ante inceptum cursum theologicam Anyone with an ounce of Latin would have known the adjective must be theologicum; this gross boo-boo proves that the Blunderer has no feel for Latin concord, after so many years. A Latinless but conscientious transcriber would have at least cross-checked the text with a printed copy of the Code of Canon Law. Apparently the Blunderer "has 'had' some Latin, or has 'passed' a Latin course or two" but doesn't understand "the language sufficiently."

 * N.B. The word "privately" (in the Latin of the CJC, privatim) not only means "at home" but also "individually, separately, as a private person and not as a member of a public body." Hence, a single individual who studies theology under a tutor (or a succession of tutors) takes his course of studies privately.

Private study a definite no-no, as long as you believe the 1917 Code of Canon Law is in force. We don't, so, as we said, we've no objection. But Wee Dan and the Cheeseball keep appealing to the code, so we wonder how they can justify their flouting its strictures. Apparently they don't have to worry in Traddielandia, where the insentient culties let these two clowns (three, if you count the disrespected rector) get away with all manner of absurdities.

We interject, as an aside, that all "training" in the substandard U.S. Traddie "seminaries" ought to be considered private inasmuch as these unregulated priest mills have no connection to the visible institutional Church. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


It's a beautiful thing, the Destruction of words. Orwell

The Mad Mullah of Tradistan strikes again!

In his latest fatwā (viz., the December 2013 Most Holy Trinity Seminary Newsletter), the ragin' rector reprises his cretinous attacks on Bergoglio's characterization of traditionalists as neo-pelagian. "Dumbo Don" turgidly insists Bergie's use of the term "is a manifestation both of his ignorance concerning the nature of the heresy, as well as a stupidity in applying it to us." (Ed. Note: Yes, we know: We've corrected this painfully slow learner before on this point, but the Readers believe his persistence of imprecision calls for a reminder.)

Apart from the fractured syntax, the rector, who's always trying to revive his dead-on-arrival uprising against Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX, blindly misses what Papa Pancho's up to. That's more than stupid: that's downright dangerous.  P2's word choice is not a "manifestation": it's a manifesto -- and lots of folks (including Traddie youth) are signing on.

Papa Pancho is leveraging the star-power of his office to own the debate by fixing the definitions. It's the skilled polemicist's ploy to gain the upper hand in any dispute. The new rhetoric of Vatican II gives him the cover he needs to broaden and distort -- the Conciliarists would probably say enrich -- the dictionary meaning. A fawning, collaborating "Catholic" world press makes it all seem orthodox.

Bergo couldn't care less about the pedantic scoldings of an out-of-touch mental pip-squeak like the rector because he has the whip hand. How else could Pancho have gotten away with his Protestant-like dismissal of a spiritual bouquet of 3,500 or so rosaries and made it sound Catholic when he said these pious gestures don't exist anymore⁉ That alone, we should think, merits his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Like all authentic progressives, Bergie is a shrewd totalist who views language as the chief means of securing the revolution through thought reform and control. His intuitive understanding of semantic tactics in an era of mass-communication skirmishes and celebrity worship makes him, in fact, the most formidable Modernist corsair ever to lead a boarding party onto the Barque of Peter. Writing off Pancho as stupid and ignorant is madness, a sure token the battle is lost.

If the rector had been properly trained in real academic institutions, he would have detected in Bergoglio's writing all the features of Orwellian linguistic theory. Untrained as he is, hidebound in his thinking, cut off from the current of history, flailing "Big Don" can't manage to connect the dots. Pancho and his cadre of ghost writers and Modernist theologians know perfectly well the classic definitions of pelagian and neo-pelagian. To think otherwise is to underestimate fatally an enemy with a big idea.

The Modernists are convinced that language determines, or at least strongly influences, thought. What's more, they're past masters in building both equivalence and issue frames to manipulate perception. At its monstrous birth, the Novus Ordo exchanged the Church's age-old code of precise theological expression for a kind of amorphous ecclesiastical Newspeak. Its terminology is fluid. Vocabulary shifts endlessly in a calculated effort to eliminate all meanings other than those favored by the revolutionary élite -- especially those meanings that threaten to subvert the new thought-climate. Words and their concepts are so fundamentally altered that they controvert their lexical signification. This radical redefinition of the elements of discourse has but one objective: to support the overarching revolutionary policy, which in this case is what George Orwell called the "continuous alteration of the past."

If Traddielandia weren't so destitute of intellectual capital, its petty chieftains could launch a cool-headed, persuasively reasoned campaign to expose Bergie's rhetorical chicanery. People, now worried about how powerful forces collude to manipulate their thinking, might be willing to pay attention to a sober analysis of Papa Pancho's deadly strategy. If competently done, such an analysis could possibly open some Novus Ordites' eyes to the heresiarch's psychological alienation from unchanging Catholic truth. 

That, however, would require both a rigorous education and an honest acknowledgment of the enemy's strengths. More importantly, it would also entail forsaking all the shrill name-calling, a guttersnipe's exercise useless against Bergoglio's overwhelmingly positive media image. Even if the Bergomeister were stupid and ignorant (and Bergie is not), no one will listen because his public persona counsels otherwise. (That twinkle in his Jesuitical eye and the impish, grandfatherly smile would win 'em over every time!) Only the squirming, gibbering zombie culties, from whom cultured traditionalist Catholics of every stripe recoil in loathing, relish "Big Don's" ineffectual nastiness.

Tradistan's howling ghazies are incapable of the intellectual agility required to discredit Bergie and his tribe. Crippled by an unspeakably impoverished priestly formation and unable to think out of the box, they just don't get it. Their needle's stuck. The witless Poobahs, permanently mired in the eighties, rattle dull sabers against mirages while everyone else has moved on. The behind-the-times Panjandrums continue to raid madly the abandoned outposts of the Trad desert while a masterly foe lays claim to the oases, safe in the certain knowledge that his crazed detractors are harmless to everyone -- except to themselves.


* Why not translate the title yourself? Click here!

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When the money keeps rolling out, you don't keep books:/You can tell you've done well by the happy, grateful looks./Accountants only slow things down; figures get in the way. "Evita" (lyrics by Tim Rice)

Recently, "One Hand" took a pricey junket to Argentina to perform confirmations and at least one tonsure. Apparently, a chapel down there couldn't get another bishop, so they finally found a willing candidate (read chump?) in Deacon Dan to spend a pleasant holiday showing off for strangers who don't know his history. (From what Dannie wrote, it looks as though he was, at best, the third bishop invited.)

Although confirmation isn't necessary for salvation, we wouldn't begrudge Wee Dan a little escape from the blank faces and polar cold of SW Ohio cult central to enjoy some summertime swaggering and strutting south of the equator -- as long as the inviting organization (or Dannie himself) footed the bill, not the cash-strapped cult members.

A front-page story about Argentina's financial crisis in the January 24 Wall Street Journal got us to wondering if the two Argentine sibling-priests who invited him were even in a position to pay for the trip. For quite some time, Argentina has been experiencing capital flight and at the same time has been burning through its foreign-exchange reserves.  The situation is complex, but it all boils down to what the WSJ called a "dollar crunch."

Part of the continuing problem stems from the difference between the official exchange rate (6.5 Argentinian pesos per U.S. dollar when Li'l Dan was vacationing) and the rate available on the black market (around 10 per U.S. dollar at the time). People, always guided by prudentia carnis, were taking advantage of the spread: when a friend or relative from abroad intended to visit, they would buy his ticket in Argentina at the official exchange rate. When the traveler arrived with the dollar value of the ticket in cash, he then sold those dollars on the black market, pocketing a handsome, tidy profit. The government soon got wise and prohibited such enterprising speculation altogether.

Therefore, it's not too big a stretch to suppose that "One Hand" bought his ticket in the U.S. Nowadays, the price of a round-trip plane ticket from cult central U.S.A. to Argentina represents a huge amount of money down there. Based on Dannie's report about the poverty he encountered, it doesn't look as though his hosts could have reimbursed him -- either in dollars or in pesos.

In fact, it's highly improbable that "One Hand" would have accepted reimbursement in pesos (and if he did, he's dumber than we think). Sadly for this wonderful country, the Argentine peso is now almost worthless. So, dollars would have been the only option, and unless the two inviting priests had some greenbacks squirreled away, they would've had to buy dollars on the black market with cold, hard cash. The amount of local currency needed for the transaction would have been substantial. In our view, it would have amounted to a big sacrifice for something that was not absolutely necessary. (We must admit, though, that such an expenditure might make sense if the two priests were sending an oblique message to the other bishops who usually work with them.)

Now, if it is the case that "One Hand" acquired his own ticket, we have this question: Where did the money come from? Did Dannie use his own money or his accumulated airline miles? If the funds came from his own personal resources (frequent-flyer points, stipends, holiday gifts, salary etc.), then fine and dandy. However, if the money came from offerings the culties made to support their chapel and if the Argentines didn't reimburse "One Hand," then that's another matter altogether. It's always easy to be generous with someone else's money, isn't it?

When there are serious money/infrastructure problems in SW Ohio, it's tough to see how anyone could justify such an expenditure from the chapel's treasure to administer a sacrament not necessary for salvation in a far-away land that has its own bishop. "One-Hand Dan" didn't have to put on his travelin' shoes. The two priests could have waited until the traditional bishop living in Argentina was able to journey to their city. It's a simple matter of accountability despite the fact that the cult masters control all their chapels' assets, lock, stock, and barrel.  

Pistrina advises cult members to ask "One Hand" point-blank who paid for this unnecessary excursion. (They should also insist on getting documentary evidence.) After all, the faithful deserve to know how their hard-earned money is being spent; in justice, the cult masters owe their flock an accounting. Money is too tight here in the U.S. to sponsor therapeutic getaways to beautiful South-American locales just so Wee Dan can escape his stateside problems by pretending his failed "apostolate" is not on life support and he's still useful. Everybody knows he's as useless as aspirin in a leper colony.

If "One Hand" wasted his own money on this ego-boosting jaunt, then all you can do is pity the needy beggar. However, if it turns out that the cult center paid the freight, we advise each contributor to withhold weekly offerings until he or she individually recoups the total amount of the ticket. Thus, assuming the ticket cost $1,200, if only ten decent people were to participate, the cult would suffer a $12,000 decline in income in a short time. We bet the loss would make them think twice about their improvident ways in the future. 

Now, just think what would happen if there were 50 upright souls taking part!