This employment contract is entered into by and between the Board of Trustees of [Name of Chapel], Inc., City, State, (hereinafter referred to as “Board” and the Reverend [Name of Priest] (hereinafter referred to as “Pastor”) on _____________  ______, 20XX, for a term beginning ______________  ___________, 20XX, through _________________  _______, 20XX.
The Board hereby employs the Pastor as the PASTOR OF [NAME OF CHAPEL], INC.
The Board agrees to pay the Pastor at the rate of $______________ per month, or such amount as may be reflected in any amendment to the Board’s Salary Schedule for service in the above-stated position. In the event that the Pastor does not serve for a full month, the above-stated salary will be prorated to reflect the period actually worked. The Pastor shall be paid current month on the last business day of the month.
The Pastor’s duties shall be those identified in the Bylaws of [Name of Chapel], Inc. The Pastor agrees to be subject to assignment and direction by the Board and perform all duties as assigned to the full satisfaction of the Board.
The Pastor shall work __________ number of days per year, receive vacation leave of ___________ days per year, [here add any other requirements, e.g., the Masses for which he must be available (e.g., First Friday, holy days of obligation, Holy Week), the organizations he must maintain (e.g., Rosary Confraternity, Acolythical Society), the events at which he must assist (e.g., weekly devotions), the hours for which he must be available for parish duties (e.g., confession, counseling, managing), etc.]
The Pastor agrees to abide by the Bylaws of [Name of Chapel], Inc. and all procedures and regulations of the Board with regard to all matters in any way related to this employment contract. During his term as Pastor, he shall not in any way communicate or cooperate with the Most Reverend [Name of Prelate] or with any of the clergy affiliated with the aforesaid bishop.
The offer of this contract shall be deemed withdrawn for all purposes if the Pastor does not accept same by executing and returning to the Board this contract within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date first set forth above.
[Signature and date lines for the Pastor, President of the Board, and Treasurer]

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